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Roof Cert Saves the Deal – Folsom Telegraph

Roof Cert Saves the DealFolsom TelegraphNow the buyers are telling us they want a whole new roof. I knew that fancy home inspector would be trouble. I told the buyers in the beginning that this is not a new home. It's a 28 year old property, so my wife and I don't want to shell out that kind …

Egypt’s Orphans Struggle Long After Childhood Ends (TIME)

The problem with Egypt's orphanages goes way beyond isolated cases of abuse, and extends to how society as a whole views "children of sin"

Professional Roof Cleaning | Sullivan Roof Cleaning (515 …

Police corner suspects on school roof in north Houston

Houston police took four men into custody Monday morning after cornering them on the roof of a school.

Image from page 295 of "A treatise on architecture and building construction" (1899)
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