San Antonio Home Additions
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  • September 25, 2014

Home Addition and Expansion Concepts – Make Your Home a Center of Enjoyable For Household and Buddies

San Antonio Home Additions
Creating a home addition for an entertainment center is a little like spending future entertainment dollars ahead of time. It’s an investment in the future. I believe it’s a dedication to the future of your household and the fullness of your life.

Create the Space – Then the Fun Begins

In preparing your expansion, be vigilant about your goals. Take stock of exactly what you and your loved ones truly care about. Match what your activities already prove that you enjoy or your home entertainment center might simply go unused or under used. Exactly what do you actually desire?

  • Cinema
  • Billiards room
  • Tv’s and group game
  • Board and card games
  • Workout space
  • Work Area and Hobbies
  • Patio
  • Sun-room
  • Covered Deck
  • Custom Master Bathroom

Design a space that can incorporate a number of activities if possible. If you have the household and the area has actually varied interests, a multipurpose entertainment center is best.

I suggest that you make use of designers and designers to help you make the best selections for design. You not just desire it to accommodate your “toys” but to match the style of your existing home and fit with the flow.

Is Now the Time for Expansion?

If you are able to swing the cost and funding, this would be an outstanding time for such an expansion. There are a lot of deals to be had. You will likely spend cash on leisure and home entertainment anyway. So, why not begin now to keep everyone together on the old home front?

Stick With the Most Popular Home Addition Projects

san-antonio-home-additionsHere is a list of the most popular projects for home additions. If your individual desires and needs match with one or more of these then opportunities are good that your project would be a go. And, if you’re planning to remain in the home a while, there is no reason why now would not be a great time to move forward with it.

In no certain order:

1) You merely require more space: A growing family, more “things”, even more visitors … and many other factors produce the need for even more area. This is the most popular reason to add on.

2) To build even more equity in the home: This could be considered a by-product of all the other factors for a home addition. Lots of people add on simply for the possible to produce equity … specifically if they’re in the smallest home in the community.

3) To acquire more storage space: Storage appears to be among the most sought after functions of a home. A home with inadequate storage space is a liability. Additions of a garage and Recreational Vehicle and boat shelters are included in this.

4) To include an entertainment center, billiards room, hobby/exercise space: These popular add-ons can actually make a home fun. As going out for leisure ends up being more costly, having a good time in the house becomes more attractive.

5) Create a rental unit for earnings: It’s vital to comply with local codes relating to number of devices on the home and the number of households that can lawfully live there. Included and ongoing earnings can be very appealing.

6) Creating private however accessible living quarters for aging parents/in-laws: This is a growing requirement. Again, codes can be limiting however the individual value of this expansion can be significant.

7) Building a home addition for a home business: Often, homes need even more space for a home business and home based business can take advantage of different access that doesn’t require going through the home. Correct design goes a long way to making this work well.

8) Expanding popular home like Great Rooms, Family Rooms, & Dining Rooms: Very frequently these can not be attained through an easy remodel. Extra square video footage is required.

9) Adding a restroom: A preferred home addition. When a master bedroom has no master bath or when a family grows too big for the number of bathrooms presently in the home, it is most typical.

10) Adding a laundry room: Older and smaller homes frequently had no different laundry rooms. For this reason, laundry room additions have become quite popular.

11) Sun-rooms, screened porches, and green residences: Outdoor living is in. These will likely end up being more and more popular in coming years.

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