Creating the Best Master Bath Makeover
  • Posted:
  • September 14, 2016

Interestingly enough, bathrooms lead the way as far as remodeling is concerned, both in new homes being built, and in existing properties. At least, this is what statistics tend to suggest, and they also tell us that on average, bathrooms nowadays are approximately three times bigger than they were sixty or seventy years ago. Of course, the biggest reason for people having a bathroom makeover is because we tend to spend more time in our bathrooms nowadays than we did before. Gone are the days when a bath or shower was a quick, rushed affair, but instead, most people now like to use the opportunity to relax and unwind after a stressful day. To a great extent, this due to the fact that spas have become increasingly popular, and many people are now trying to recreate the same environment in their own bathrooms.

Many manufacturers are taking this opportunity of a love for larger bathrooms to heart and providing various new and interesting items. These may include anything from shower cubicles, bathroom furniture, fittings, and large luxurious bathtubs and so on. Of course, because we keep seeing all these latest products arrive on the market, many people simply cannot resist the temptation for a complete bathroom remodel, and let’s face it; who can blame them?


Many families want a bathroom makeover to add even more storage space when they have a growing family. Manufacturers and cabinet makers are only too happy to comply with some great looking bathroom pieces especially designed for the bathroom. This can be anything from a built-in wash basin in a custom cabinet. These pieces may include various materials such as glass, wood, and brushed stainless steel.

Over and above the practical side of things, people are also opting for a bathroom makeover in order to create an area which affords them an opportunity to relax, rather than just a place to wash. This is one reason why bathroom contractors generally receive instructions to include special lighting arrangements for a bathroom remodel. This is because the strategic placement of lamps provide a big difference in creating a soothing and peaceful atmosphere.

Using candles has become very popular for use in the bathroom, since their lighting can add such a soothing mood while bathing. Many people even have a chair in their shower so they can sit down and unwind while they take a shower. A stool placed close to the tub also won’t go amiss; just like a nice soft rug alongside the bath won’t either.

There are various reasons for a bathroom makeover. However, as with any type of home improvement project, you need to use a reputable company. Bear in mind that if the end result is not up to par, you could end up on the losing end, in that you may have to hire a new company to come and fix all the problems. Before you hire anyone for a bathroom makeover you should insist on reading some customer testimonials and reviews. Remember, a good contractor will be more than happy to sit down with you so that you can weigh up the various options, such as the type of flooring, etc.


Renovating a bathroom can be a pretty expensive process so budget is a large component of any renovation. If you are looking at creating luxury master bathroom designs for your space you may end up exceeding $50,000 for your renovation, especially if you hire a contractor to do the work. However, an easy way to save money is to do most of the renovations and installations yourself. Start by looking at pictures of bathroom designs online and in magazines to get beautiful and extravagant ideas, then visit a home improvement store to look for fixtures, showers, and sinks that have a similar style, but cost much less. The photos in these magazines are perfect for finding 2016 bathroom design styles, as well as themes that were popular in the past. Currently the transitional design is becoming very common in the home, however a traditional or vintage look does not easily go out of style. Choose simple bathroom designs that you like and will be able to enjoy for many years.

After completing your bathroom makeover you will want to add the finishing touches such as candles, decorative ornaments, soft fluffy towel, a small stool, and anything else that will make life comfortable. When you take the time and effort of doing a bathroom makeover you can create the serene and tranquil space you desire.

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