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  • September 10, 2014
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Why You Should Upgrade Your Countertops Countertops have a huge impact on the general appearance, attractiveness, and value of your kitchen. However, because the kitchen is the center of all activities in your home, the countertops suffer minor problems like burns, stains or scratches. The pattern or color may be outdated or worn out. And because you can’t help spending a lot of time in your kitchen, upgrading the countertops will restore its pleasantness, make it efficient and more functional.

If the countertops are too difficult to maintain, or probably are damaged beyond repair, or they simply no longer match your design vision, it’s time to for upgrade. Don’t risk your health with countertops with deep cracks, scorched marks and pitted areas.

Whether you only step in your kitchen to grab a snack, cook dinner, or bake cookies with the kids, having your countertops upgraded is definitely good news. But pause for a moment and consider what is normally involved. Removal of the old countertop can be very complicated especially if there is a tile backsplash to be worked around. Think of the debris and all the inconvenience that comes with the entire project. Now add to the mess the agony of putting your life on hold when the contractor you have hired takes days or even weeks to complete the tasks while waiting for new countertops.

While such a scenario can be a reality elsewhere, it’s not in Houston, Texas. At Nalley Home Design we understand that your kitchen is the hub of your home, hence time is of essence when doing an upgrade. We have a knowledge base of what many homeowners in Houston want which have helped us to hit the bull’s eye in stocking our store. We provide free in home consultations and have a beautiful design showroom that customers can visit to help make a perfect choice.

With an crew boasting of over 20 years of experience in remodeling projects involving, countertops kitchens, bathrooms, hardwood floors and more, we eliminate the cost of having to wait for long before life returns to normal. We strive to minimize the inconveniences of debris, construction crews, or any other mess. This is so because we know where the shoe pinches because we listen to you during a free consultation done by an expert contractor, who is within your locality.

Since the foundation of your countertops is in good condition, replacing the surface will give your kitchen a brand new style, add a sense of elegance and allow you to enjoy the space more.

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