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Remodeling a Bathroom for Aging in Place – AARP News (blog)

AARP News (blog)Remodeling a Bathroom for Aging in PlaceAARP News (blog)Crystal and Chris focused on remodeling their master bathroom, which they wanted to be aging-friendly without looking institutional. The project required eliminating problem areas such as the undersized shower and small entrance door. Converting to a …

8 Small (But Impactful) Bathroom Upgrades To Do This Weekend (Apartment Therapy Main)

Does your bathroom need an upgrade? For not a lot of money, and without outside help, you can dramatically boost your bath’s appearance in a weekend — without the need for a full renovation. Small improvements (as your time and wallet allow) are a manageable alternative to full-scale remodeling, but have a transformative effect that’s refreshing and gratifying. Try one of these 8 small-scale projects yourself…

Unique Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Do you have a beautiful home in Houston, Texas? Do you want to create a better looking master bedroom? A master bedroom can easily be remodeled by a professional team with experienced designed skills. As professional contractors, we strive to help clients get a quality master bedroom and having it remodeled just right. If you’re planning on remodeling this part of your home, then consider these master bedroom remodeling ideas to help you.

Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

– Built In Cabinets By The Bathtub

This is a big thing nowadays because of its comfortability and usability. It is a unique little trick that is perfect for those of you who really want to be able to get more space in your bathroom. Are you tired of having to leave your clothes in an ordinary closet, or even worse, on the floor? Your master bathroom should be clean, and building in a nice set of cabinets could be your ticket to a cleaner master bedroom. Built-in cabinets are the way to go.

– Television Inside

If you love bathtubs, then going for the fun television to be attached to your wall is a great thing to do. It is the perfect thing to invest in if you want to get a nice addition to help you relax while you bathe. It isn’t exactly an economical thing to add in, but it is oftentimes a good choice because there are many of you who do decide to

– Open Shower

This is a big famous thing in big mansion homes. When you get your bathroom remodeled, get a shower that has a climbing wall type of wall, and then keep it open with no glass doors to cover it all up. This is a unique thing to invest in because it gives a very comfortable but still luxurious feel to the bathroom. It is a great idea to also add in ultiple shower heads with one on the top, one in its regular position, and another one for your back.

As professional contractors, we are here to help you out on getting your home remodeled, including finding the right remodeling needed for your bathroom. Take advantage of our free consultation, and we will gladly help you see what you should get done. It is a free no obligation consultation. Our showroom can be visited to see what it is that we can help you with, so now you can see what we can do for you. Take advantage of our free consultation, and we’ll help you find the right things for you to remodel.

Over the top – Two story addition in 8 weeks

Angie’s List: Bathroom Remodel Tips

If your bathroom could use a little love, it’s a smart place to spend money.

Image from page 50 of "Modern bath rooms and appliances : a few suggestions about plumbing valuable to home builders or those about to remodel their present dwellings." (1903)
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